Money when you die

If you are receiving a pension (not including dependants’ pensions), we can pay the following benefits when you die:

When you start taking your pension, your payments are guaranteed for five years. If you die during this guarantee period, we pay a lump sum to your dependants or personal representatives. This lump sum is the remainder of the pension instalments which we would have paid you over the guarantee period. The lump sum would be based on the value of the pension at the date of death. To have your wishes taken into account it is helpful for you to have completed a Nomination form or, if appropriate, a Will.

A pension equal to half of your full pension including any arrears but ignoring any pension that you swapped for a lump sum when you retired, and any additional restoration pension. This is payable for life and subject to the same annual pension increases as your pension.

If you would like details of the civil partner’s pension we could pay, please contact the Pensions Office.

We pay children’s allowances if you leave qualifying dependent children.

If you are receiving a spouse or civil partner’s pension, or a children’s allowance, no further benefits will be payable when you die.

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